Law School Scholarship

There is one law school scholarship available for UCCS students who have been accepted to law school.

To apply for this scholarship, please fill out the linked forms and submit them electronically.

Civics Initiative

As part of a system-wide push for civics education, the Regents have funded the creation of The Center for Legal Studies Speaker Series. This ongoing series seeks to bring speakers to campus who are working at the intersection of law, civics, society, and politics, from a variety of perspectives. Our goal is to bring at least one speaker to campus each semester.

Have an idea for a speaker for the CLS Speaker Series? Get in touch with the Director of the Center!

Summer Institutes

The Stanford Law Scholars Institute (SLSI) for undergraduate students is a terrific opportunity for current underrepresented minority, first-generation, and low-income undergraduate students to come to Stanford Law School (SLS) for a couple weeks over the summer and learn a bit about the law, law school, and applying to law school. All costs are covered, and SLS will pay students a stipend, subsidize an LSAT prep class, and pay fees for five law school applications. It is a great community-building opportunity for students with the other participants, Stanford professors, and current law students.